Angelic Presence
Angelic Presence

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Rediscover the sacred Atlantean chants and Angelic incantations from Solaris Universalis and Atlantis Angelis.

The fusion of sound waves emanating from angelic incantations with this new contemplative music creates a sort of meditative enchantment, leading our mental state naturally toward the liberation of tensions and anxieties caused by our identification with limited physical consciousness.

The listener will have a tendency to perceive the presence of the Supreme Conscience in a heartfelt way and he or she will rediscover the wonderful sentiment of immortality.

All the apparent dramas of existence find themselves dedramatized and an emotion of intense well-being permeates and soothes the organism. There is healing, liberation, and harmonization.


The Angel of Grace and Gratitude

This suite is composed of six parts and leads us to unity. The first chant is made up of two of the most important verses from the teaching of Avatar Sri Krishna-Caitanya, manifested in Bengal, on the northeast of the Indian peninsula during the Renaissance:

Trinad api sunicena
Taror api sahisnuna
Amanina manadena
Kirtaniyah sada harih
Na dhanam na janam na sundarim
Kavitam va jagad isa kamaye
Mama janmani janmanisvare
Bhavatad bhaktir ahaituki tvayi

These words remind us of the grand mission which is human incarnation by showing us the uninterrupted way of absorption of the spirit in the Supreme Being by the chanting of His multiple Holy Names. The technique proposed is universal. 1) To be flexible and fluid in the image and simplicity of the grasses of the field. 2) To tolerate the joys and pains of life in the image of the trees of the forest. 3) To develop a respectful attitude toward all of creation and expect nothing in return. 4) To know that material prosperity by itself is not a source of happiness. 5) To learn to let go of ones egocentric desires. Thus can one be eligible for the ecstasy of the Transcendental Sound Vibration of the Divine Names.

The composition gradually brings us into the presence of Christ. The idea is to integrate the unique essence of divine love which exists between Christic spirituality and that of Krishna-Caitanya, in a vibratory manner. This divine and beneficial energy lies above the frequencies of reductionist religiosity. The music then leads us toward the therapeutic resonances of the Vedic mantra of infinite peace Om namo narayanaya and ends with the interior fusion of the original vibration, OM.

Requiem for Divine Magic

In this requiem divided into four parts, certain incantations are chanted in order to evoke the names of the universal couple, Adam and Eve. At the dawn of the Age of Aquarius, humanity becomes conscious once more of the fact that the Earth is a living being and that no matter exists without the support of spiritual energy. The incantations are an independent, voluntary and spontaneous call directed toward the conscious and intelligent Spirit that is both within us and without us, and which creates, maintains and destroys all matter.

A-uthos, A-nostro, Noxio, Baay, Glo-yi, A-pen, A-gios, Is-chiros

The light of the Divine Mother introduces us to the beauty and love of the Feminine and Compassionate Aspect of the Absolute.

The Healing Sounds of Atlantis

These chants come from ancient Atlantean civilizations. The Atlantean therapists are reincarnated and recall the power of crystal and sound. They use them for the purposes of harmonization. In their temple-clinics, they tune themselves into various frequencies and direct them toward those who have come for consultation.

The sound A-le-u-ba-o corresponds to astral healing and allows the spiritual current to start circulating freely. The sound Yo-ooh-da is a resonance of God within and allows for spiritual healing. Doo-lae-vo-a-a purifies and reinforces. Ga-mo-al vivifies. Ha-jo-ha-vo-aa assists us in expanding our consciousness. Lau-ruu-ba-o soothes internal disorders. Ko-faa-roo-cho-ra helps the conscious mind to perceive the existence of the soul. She-ma is aligned with the energy of Sananda, love, unity, gentleness. Tri-aah-thu-maar helps us receive the great universal vibrations and to communicate. Au-ma-laa protects against harmful and depressing energies.

The Ritual of the Archangels

This series of incantations is part of a very ancient ritual of light-seeking magic. The language employed is one of the many solar dialects used by the great cosmic beings, who are charged with having mastery over the powers of Nature. In a meditative state, these Enochian conjurations hold the mystic power of synchronizing the human spirit with that of angelic compassion.

Eca, Zodocare, Iad goho, Torzodu o-do, kikale Qaa, Zodocare yod zadameranu, Zodorje, lape, Zodiredu, Ool, Noco, Mada, Das, Ladadiel, Ylas, Hoaatahe, Yaida