Spa Relaxation
Spa Relaxation

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Includes the majority of pieces from Sublime Relaxation, an album which has found its place in Spas around the world.

This transformative music charts a clear path through the ears to the heart. Listening to this album, no one can help but arrive at new levels of inner peace. As you listen, your heart becomes golden and light radiates from your soul. The special mantras and sounds of this magnificent music fill us with stillness, joy and love. The sound vibrations purify our surroundings and clothe the listeners into contentment. The chants performed in Spa Relaxation are sacred words or divine sounds that have the power to protect and positively transform each individual who listen to them.

These ancient mantras consisting of serene and stress-free Holy Names have a haunting familiar quality, as if we had heard them long ago. The song melodies of this recording are rooted in the classical Indian system of bhajan (chants of unconditional love), in which a series of Vedic sound vibrations are positioned in patterns intended to create beneficial states of being.

Enhanced by natural tones, these chants promote feelings of calmness, joy, courage, forgiveness. Like a gentle wind, Spa Relaxation brings celebration and comfort to all beings everywhere. One listen is all it takes.


1. Tranquility | Sri Vaisnava Pranam Mantra

Vancha kalpa tarubhyas ca
Krpa sindhubhya eva ca
Patitanam pavanebhyo
Vaisnavebhyo namo Namah

"I offer my respectful service unto all the Vaisnava devotees, lovers of the Supreme Being, seekers of divine light. They are just like magical supernatural trees who can fulfill the wishes and desires of everyone. They are full of compassion, full of true love for all the living entities of this temporary material atmosphere."

2. Infinity | Sri Jaganath Swami Pranam Mantra

Jaganatha Swami nayanapatagami bhavatu me

"Hail, Ultimate Source of the entire Universe, please inspire me to submerge this insignificant spark of divine light into the waves of the infinite ocean of Your delightful presence."

3. Serenity | Bhagavad Gita VIII-16

Abrahma bhuvanal lokah
Punar avartino 'rjuna
Mam upetya tu kaunteya
Punar janma na vidyate

"All realms of existence and all planes of experience up to and including the abode of Brahma are places from which one must again return. Only one who reaches the Supreme Personality of Godhead Sri Krishna with his or her consciousness and real love of God, is never reborn."

4. Massage Sonore | Madana Mohana

Govinda Gopala Yadava Madhava Hari
Maharani ki jay Radharani ki jay

The perfect healing is to realize the mystical identity of the spiritual sound vibrations included in the Holy Names (such as Madana Mahana, Madhava, Govinda) and the supreme conscious Soul of the Universe. About this essential fact of Vedic medicine, it is said in the ancient Brihad Naradiya Puranam: "In this age of extremely cruel wars and wide-ranging political hypocrisy, the easiest means of relief is to chant and listen to the divine sound, the Holy Names of the Lord; this is the best means of achievement in this thorny age".


Credits and acknowledgements:

All music composed, arranged and produced
by Patrick Bernard. (Socan 2009)
Recorded at Ben Griffith Studio.
Additional recording at Andy Cherna Studio
Mixed and mastered by Andy Cherna.
Saint Sauveur, Québec, Canada.
Keyboards and percussions by Ben Griffith.
Vocal, acoustic guitars, guitar-synthesizer, harmonic harps
and atmospheric percussions by Patrick Bernard.
Cover design by Anuradha.