Love Divine
Love Divine

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Helps us to feel the presence of God at all times, at the center of our life and our soul, regardless of what happens around us. This infinite gentleness supports us and transports us towards joy and harmony.

Love Divine was on New Age Retailer top selling list for the month of April 2004. Composed, arranged, performed & produced by Patrick, Love Divine is the fully realized work of a deeply inspired practitioner of the tradition of Bhakti-Yoga devotional music.

Very uplifting, this lovely music includes the healing sounds of soothing, melodious vocal chanting. The Sanskrit mantras and Bengali prayers (included in the cover insert) are sung by Patrick's unique compassionate voice with wonderful clarity & lightness. Ideal for Yoga practice, meditation & massage therapy, and is highly recommended for pleasure listening. This album is a strong transformational tool.

Produced in 2002

**Top 5 on Alliance's Amped top 25 New Age Album Chart**

"It has calmed me in stressful moments, uplifted me when sad and enlightened me while in prayer."
--Lotus, Tara Yoga Center Hawaii