Chakra Celebration

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Chakra Celebration

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Harmonizes and activates proper functioning of our center of conscience, our chakras. A truly inspiring interior shower.

Chakras Celebration employs various Names of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, some names of great gods and goddess, specific tones, rhythms, spiritual sound vibrations and Holy Vocalizations to interact with the activities of our body-mind-spirit. Each chant is in direct relation with each chakra. Each tone and mantra is connected to a definite function of the physical body through the endocrine glands and the spinal system.

The chants are used to harmonize, balance and stimulate the flow of subtle energies of the chakras system, clearing negative thoughts and emotions which weaken the electro-magnetic emanations of the body, thus eliminating blockages. This recording uses the capacity of a sound vibration to reach out through vibrational waves to set off a similar vibration in another body. In this album, the focused use of the sound principle of sacred resonance serves as the foundation for all healing and enlightenment.

This album has required enormous help from my God-brother and friend, the producer Robert Lafond Mahavirya; without his insightful and extraordinary orchestration this recording could not have been made.

I composed the melodies in the course of two years. During this time, I gave numerous workshops for the harmonization of the chakras system in the United States and Canada, working with bhakti dance teacher Anuradha Dauphinais who performed parts of the backing vocals during the recordings sessions of this album. Throughout these two years, I received repeated positive comments about the efficiency of our technique which combine the healing power of music, mantra, mudra and visualization. This album is the fruit of these investigations.

I also bow in reverence, beyond simple gratitude, before my diksha and siksha spiritual masters, Bhaktivedanta Swami and Sridhar Dev Goswami. Everything I know is a direct result of their unmotivated love and grace.

I deeply believe in the power of sound, especially spiritual sound vibrations. To chant, or even simply listen to the Names of God will progressively cleanse our entire being. Chanting the names of different great demigods (like Shiva or Ganesha, or goddess Tara) can also increasingly inspire us to chant the Names of God. The demigods are servants of God (just like us) and they can assist us to find our way back to Godhead. Although there is no conflict between Thora, Bible, Koran or Veda, this album is dedicated to the Sanskrit mantra tradition. Nonetheless, the Names of God will fill our heart with peace, love and light in any language. Please listen, chant and be well.
--Patrick Bernard.

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Produced in 2006. Approximately 58 minutes.

CD Review

Effectively rebalances your chakras, creating immense clarity and vision

A healing journey through the chakras to rebalance each chakra in turn. As a qualified Reiki Practioner in two lineages, I felt the immediate effect of each track upon the rebalancing of my chakras. The uplifting truly joyful tracks send your spirit soaring to new heights. The tracks are effective on many levels. I felt a repatterning of the core nature of each chakra, as according to your developmental stage that you have reached within each chakra, a particular pattern will be present representing such. It is possible to elevate those patterns to ones of greater maturity and wisdom. I felt the musical compositions creating such fields of possibility to allow such to the receptive listener. One realises that one is the creator in their life, at this point, and it is within our power to respond, rather than react, thus creating new patterns within the core of our chakra blueprint, thus emanating a new energy signature out to the universe, which will then reflect back the beauty you sent out. Chakra Celebration allows a space where such deep alterations may occur. Listen to this wonderful CD anytime you are feeling knocked from your core, to allow a return to your center. Also due to the uplifting joyful resonance of Chakra Celebration, I feel the music would be great for those seeking gentler beautiful music for spiritual gatherings, to allow others to enjoy the benefits from this rather special CD. The final track, however, is the jewel in the crown of this wonderful Cd. Exotic sacred music awakens my remembrance of the true meaning of life, allowing my soul to dance to the rhythms of the divine, deeply enchanted by tasting the heavenly nectar of the infinite pulse. The final track left me with goosebumps from the sacred resonance that touched the core of my soul, delivering divine messages of reminder of the precious truth of all that is.

--- Sarah Ince, Yoga Magazine (UK)