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Brings a calming influence and soothes our pets, our animals, as well as the nature around us.

Sacred Music for Sacred Friends was created as a vehicle for transformation.

Composed and recorded specifically with the intention clearing past disharmony, enhancing the reception of grace, restoring balance, and facilitating deep communion between species.

This is why this album is for the animals but it is also for the people who live with animals. The music is encoded with sacred sounds and mantra from all spiritual traditions for the purpose of re-sanctifying the animal/human bond bringing non-human animals and all of nature once again into the fold of Sacred Tradition which in turn has the potential of moving us a step toward restoration of the Divine Plan on Earth, a plan of peace and harmony for all beings and things.

All healing is available in the sacred moment of now and sacred music offers the perfect, prayerful healing vehicle. It automatically brings us into present time liberating us from the bounds of our ego selves, bypassing the emotions of remorse, blame and unworthiness, delivering us to that place of silence where animals naturally abide. Enter this heart-space with us where deeper states of resonance with your beloved non-human friends and all animals await.

The album was recorded at the foot of Mount Shasta in Northern California. Mount Shasta is one of the sacred mountains of the world and holds the frequency for the fulfillment of our long awaited homecoming and return to paradise.

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A Sacrament of Forgiveness Between Species
(A Celebration of Oneness)

For far too long the relationship of human beings toward non-human animals has been largely one of exploitation and abuse. While on the one hand the great bulk of humanity still tends to regard non human animals as dispensible commodities, for others whose hearts have opened to the precious sacredness of the animal kingdom contemplating the magnitude of the suffering animals have sustained at the hands of human beings over millennia can seem overwhelming and beyond our capacity to face or to resolve. The pain often seems to great to bear. In reaction the tendency is to move to one of two extremes; either retreat into a self-protective shell of numbness or strike out at a perceived offender. But extremes are by their very nature divisive. What is needed on the other hand is a massive act of ego-less heart opening by and for all beings without exception; One complete, powerful, potent and perfect moment in time met in truthfulness, total compassion and nakedness. Such a collective act of atonement transcend space and time releasing all beings to move forward together toward their highest potential.

Internationally acclaimed musician Patrick Bernard, meditation teacher and musician Purusha Ananda, animal communication specialist Sharon Callahan and awards winning producer/composer Robert Lafond have come together as the vehicle for this offering of healing between species.

Produced in 2006.