Archangel Miracle
Archangel Miracle

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Allows the compassion of the Divine Mother to gather within us with the singing of "Ave Maria" and the miracle of Christic conscience.

Spiritual Healing Music

This Music Helps the Listener to Make the Conditions of Reception Ready for the Assistance and Intervention of the Shining Ones, Angels and Archangels, who direct Healing, Enlightening and Renewing Frequencies of God-Light to the World.

Om Shalom

This composition is an oratorio in the Judeo-Christian tradition, with an Ave Maria, an Adonai, a Hallelujah and a Christu in the tradition of the grand masses and musical meditations of classical times. Enriched by a chorus, harps and a multitude of sumptuous chords, the style is that of an interior musical voyage, a musical experience that invites the listener to delve into the arcane of the psyche in the gentlest manner. The first part, sung in Hebrew, is a prayer-song dedicated to Adonai, the God of the Thora, and includes pieces 3 to 7. The second part, sung in Latin, is an Ave Maria covering pieces 8 to 11. The work opens and ends with a prelude by J. S. Bach (made famous by Gounod), interpreted on piano by the multi-talented Robert Lafond and the guitar by Patrick Bernard.

The atmosphere created by this album's sonority is profoundly meditative, uplifting, highly relaxing and bringing with it an intense therapeutic energy.

Album Lyrics...

Produced in 2008.

These sacred chants are meant to awaken the listener to his or her Divinity.
The spiritual sound vibrations of this recording help to meditate and realize the sacredness of all life.
In Mystic Union with the Sacred Feminine, we serve the Divine Mother.

Mail-in Order form: Be an Angel or an Archangel and help us distribute "Archangel Miracle". We believe in Miracles! Miracles happen with a simple act of sharing hope and love to the ones we know and would like to know in this world!

Produced by Patrick Bernard

All Music Composed by Patrick Bernard*
All Music Orchestrated and Arranged by Robert Lafond
Lead Vocal, guitars and Harmonic Harp by Patrick Bernard

*Except Prelude Compassion by J.S. Bach-Gounod.
Healing Grace Composed and Arranged by Robert Lafond.

All music published by Devi Communication Inc
Socan 2008.

Mixed and Co-produced by Robert Lafond and Patrick Bernard
Engineered and Mastered by Robert Lafond, AUM Studio.

Piano, keyboards by Robert Lafond
Backing Vocals: Patrick Bernard, Robert Lafond

All tracks recorded at
Sacred Music Studio, Pointe-au-Ch�ne, Quebec, Canada
and AUM Studio, Saint-Adele, Quebec, Canada

Hebrew Book of Universal Repairing-Healing, Psalms King David Tikkun Ha'klali
by Tribal Communication, Papeete, French Polynesia (A. Nabet)
Phonetic Pronunciation guidance for the Archangelic Names specified by
The Shining Ones.

Original Cover Art by Lisa Alexander
Wild Blue Yonder Digital Media
Patrick Bernard's picture by Nancy Lessard
Patrick Bernard's picture by Nancy Lessard

Graphic Design by Anuradha Dauphinais
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