Harmonic Healing
Harmonic Healing

Quantum Music for Healing & Meditation

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A new album of instrumental music for the spring of 2009, it will bring relaxation and peace for the heart.

Quantum Music, or healing by the vibration of loving sound, can bring new balance and profound comfort to the body-spirit.

The energy of love and gratitude constitutes the universal foundation of Holistic Healing, in addition to being the quintessence of the life force.

By incorporating meditative listening of the higher frequencies and the power of intention, Quantum Music can raise the listener�s vibrations and promote a state of union with the conscious, intelligent energy underlying all matter.

This energy (called ch'i or prana) is increased and transported by the sound waves in order to help promote the complete harmonization of the listener.

Quantum Music functions according to the principle of the resonance of morphogenetic fields, according to which the energy blockages in the body vibrating at lower and irregular frequencies have the capacity to harmonize naturally with all higher vibrations.

Simultaneously, Quantum Music offers us the gift of profound relaxation. Knots in the body become unravelled and toxic emotions such as grief, sadness, anxiety, anger, resentment, etc., are liberated.

The aim of this recording is to unite the listener with the inner power of self-healing, spiritual power that will recharge the person and restore the capacity for self-healing.

All that need be done is to allow the flow of breathing to run together naturally with the vibratory waves. For maximum effect, I recommend meditative listening using headphones, which are capable of reproducing most of the frequencies.

The therapeutic effects will also be felt during energy treatments or accompanying any conventional or alternative therapy.

In general, I use these sounds to transform thoughts and feelings that are disturbing us and have a tendency to create crystallizations of energy in the body. Simply feeling the sounds penetrating within is sufficient to chase away any gloomy feelings or other negative emotions. Since we are all unique, certain listeners will experience a feeling of profound peace while for others, the sounds will engender feelings of bliss, clarity, detachment from worldly concerns, the ultimate pardon and help them to simply let go.

--Patrick Bernard.

CD Review

Amazingly profound musical meditations

Can the power of love permeate your essence through music? From the moment of listening to the first track, I felt the presence of light enter through my soul, touching my core essence. A stream of pure love commenced its healing caress, offering wave upon wave of pure harmonic rebalancing. Each track is a specific musical meditation, a journey of healing, yet purely instrumental – the music guides you to and through various purer states of being. Each meditation is described in a brief paragraph, and I found myself agreeing with the description of meditation one that the tears of grief become appeased, and the resonances generate a marvellous feeling of security and soulful peace. Meditation two assists mental unfoldment, of which I believe is the perfect track to listen to just prior to meditation, to assist you to settle your mind into a quiet space before commencement of recital of a mantra, or whichever technique of meditation you may use. Meditation three is described including sounds to heal the injured soul, and surely accomplishes such with the uplifting gentle sounds to soothe every part of your being. Meditation four allows for simultaneous release of all concerns whilst also allowing one to become aware of what is occurring in their body on a deep level. Meditation five was a revelation, as were previous tracks, where I have listened to the music, felt the effects in a specific manner. In this instance, I felt an almost indescribable elevating from deep within my very core self. On reading the description, the euphoric musical piece is designed to galvanize your interior resources, dissolve energy blockages, help the immune system rise in vibration and assist releasing any constriction of your life force. I wholeheartedly agree that it achieves such. Meditation six has an incredible ability to synthesize, align, and integrate all levels of your multidimensional being into pure coherence, where you understand the space you are in with relation to any situations in your life. In a multidimensional space all is revealed, and within that truth, the future navigation becomes crystal clear. Meditation seven is pure upliftment in the form of music. The blessings shared by the Shamanic healers seems to smooth all ripples of negativity into feelings of positive abundance and sheer radiance of joy. Meditation eight has been created to transport you back to Atlantis, to heal within the crystal temples. The exotic multi-layered track instantly ignited deep subconscious memories, reviving any part of myself that may have become tired from living so many lifetimes (I am an old soul), and even purely from the challenges of this lifetime, I feel all soul fragmentation slowly gather, and heal into a cohesive powerful renewed soul…. I feel reborn. This is my favourite from all of the tracks, yet they are all beautiful and immensely healing. Only a gifted musician could reach this space with this unique musical piece that achieves the feel for both Atlantis, and the ability to create the healing environment as described in the accompanying booklet. Every so often in ones life, one is gifted from the universe with a creation that is beyond its appearance. Harmonic Healing is one such gift, and in particular this track: - The crystal temple of Atlantis. The power pulsing through my body following listening to such is overflowing around my auric body. The final meditation nine creates a feeling of weightlessness, beyond the struggles of life, bathing you in the radiance and love of pure life, with no striving, just pure beingness. The musical meditation envelops you in the rich beauty of life that exists beyond the dualistic struggle…to let you know there is something beyond such. It is a space of beauty beyond measure that will fill your soul with deep relief once you reach this space.

--- Sarah Ince, Yoga Magazine (UK)


Meditation 1 | Harmonization of holistic resonances

Here, the listener is exposed to a suite of spectrasonic resonances, whose aim is to dissipate the mirage of worldly concerns and appease the tears of grief. The sounds allow an opening, an invitation to let go and allow the light of consciousness to penetrate the body, along with the warmth of the heart and the gentle breeze of interior healing. These resonances generate a marvelous feeling of security and soulful peace.

Meditation 2 | Acoustic visualization of grace

This composition opens with a contemplation of the grace and harmony of the cosmos where everything is in place for all eternity.

The sounds Om and Houng are considered as seed-syllables (bhija-mantra). These vibrations are the sounds from which the light body, which is the manifestation of universal energy, will germinate. The original vibration Om is in echo to the fully awakened divine nature (luminous, Bhuddistic, Christic or Krishna-like, depending on the case).

These sounds represent pure archetypes of mental unfolding, intellectual concepts, religiosity or extra-cultural rigidity.

Meditation 3 | Bath of clear and limpid frequencies

This composition acts like a bath of psychoacoustic resonances from Nature. Calls from our brothers the animals are particularly present.

The magic of birdsong, the sound of gently flowing springs, the springtime rhythm of the frog community, the exhortation of the eagle and the owl, the call of the wolf etc., all have great power to relieve the injured soul.

Meditation 4 | Crystalline rain of holographic sounds

In this Zen garden made of metasonic relationships, the harmonies raise the body�s pulsations and illuminate each cell with vibrant joy.

The sound quality encourages the lightsome and prodigious sensation of having a body and spirit freed of all concerns. The function of this music is to make the listener aware of the physical and energetic movements of the body.

Frequent listening facilitates deep breathing, the abandonment of all tension and makes mental relaxation possible.

Meditation 5 | Radiant waves of illumination

The venerable and glorious song of the great loon of Qu�bec introduces us to the sacred geometry of this composition.

Here, waves of eurythmic light galvanize our interior resources and help the immune system to raise its vibrations.

Energy blockages gradually unravel and knots in the body are released in great depth. All that would constrict circulation of the life force is eliminated.

Meditation 6 | Song of love and gratitude

Here we find ourselves in a multidimensional space in which the same harmony can be in two different places simultaneously, instantly provoking a sensation of vivid clarity. This luminosity, visualized in mental imagery, is felt like a wave of gratitude toward God, toward the whole universe and all the beings within it. The clairvoyance of the internal auditory conscience intuitively perceives that everything that passes on the surface of existence is in reality orchestrated by an absolute harmony, inconceivable at the intellectual level. This vision keeps any diminution of vitality at a distance, and the body finds once again the natural joy and simple pleasure of being alive.

Meditation 7 | Physics of the soul and music of the spheres

A flood of beneficent sweetness, overflowing with warmth, felicity and serenity flows peacefully from the Source of power across the solar spheres created by the harmonic quintessence of this music.

Thanks to the loving songs of these shaman-healers, filled with goodwill and a veritable Reiki-inspired resonance, the Source directly transmits its beam of clear light and its life-giving ray, dispenser of health and benedictions. We heal by the sacred sound and intention of pure love.

Meditation 8 | The crystal temple of Atlantis

Much pain originates from the fact that we are too attached to our desires and worries. All we succeed in doing is creating tension and sapping our strength.

This composition would have us pass a rite of passage, a regression which leads the subconscious all the way back to the ancient practitioners of Atlantis.

Suddenly we find ourselves lying on an emerald table in the centre of a temple-clinic with crystal walls. Therapists of ancient standing and powers long lost surround us and practice ageless techniques by the laying on of hands.

All the sacred atmosphere that surrounds us awakens our interior wisdom and the power of self-healing that we all possess and all is manifested in all its splendour.

Meditation 9 | Space in the space of love

This final harmonic meditation allows the self to merge with its own true nature.

Let us rest at last in our own immortal beatitude, far from the disturbances that ceaselessly trouble the surface of existence. The joy and pain of life is ephemeral and we can observe them without being affected, like clouds that pass in the sky. Let us simply stay in a mental state of equanimity, quietude and openness. One has only to relax and merge into a feeling of completeness and immensity. And if simply being sufficed?


Credits and acknowledgements:

I would like to thank the exceptional musicians who took part in these recordings and with whom I had the immense privilege of discovering and exploring Quantum Music.
Without their talent and inspiration, this album would not be all that it is.
The long work of research began in July 2002 while I was still living in California, and it was completed in Québec, Canada in January 2009. The first recordings were mixed at Future Rhythm Studio, San Jose, USA by Bruce Tembling. The shakuhachi flutes, bansuri and shulin were played by Mahesh Manuel Roberto. Tablas and tarongs by percussionist Daniel Paul; tampuras by Barbara Framm and dilruba by Mercy Runk. After having written the concept for each piece, I recorded the guitars, keyboards, atmospheric percussion, voices and harmonic harps. I was also responsible for sound takes, acted as artistic director and mixed the preproduction tapes.
The composer and producer Robert Lafond is responsible for the arrangements of meditations 2, 3, 6 and 7. He also contributed to additional recordings on all tracks, as well as having mixed and mastered the final production at Aum Studio in Sainte-AdÉle, in the Laurentian Mountains of Québec.
Thank you Anuradha for the visual research and design.
Thank you Nancy Lessard for the photo.
Music by Patrick Bernard
Harmonic Healing is produced and published by
Les Productions & Éditions Devi Communications Inc.
Socan 2009