Music of the Spheres

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A.U.M.: the power of spiritual sound

Since the mental represents the pivot, the axis which directs the active organs, if we transform the nature of mental functions (thinking, feeling and wanting) the activity of the senses will be modified accordingly. The spiritual sound is capable of bringing forth the desired mental and sensory transformation and OM, the Omkara (A.U.M.), forms the first seed, the key to all spiritual sound vibration. The power of spiritual sound is such that it can even heal those who suffer mental imbalance.

The Vedic sound vibration OM, the most important word in all Vedic literature, is the basis of all vibrations. It should be accepted as the sound representation of the God's sublime impersonal personality (acintya bhedabheda) and should be perceived as the trustee of all cosmic manifestations.

"Om ity ekaksaram Brahma"
OM is the direct representation of God.
If, at the moment of death, we can simply remember this unique mantra, we leave our body with the memory of the divine presence and consequently, we are immediately transferred to spiritual higher grounds.
OM is the sound vibration of the divine name.
OM is the seed of deliverance from the consciousness of the physical world.
OM holds the power of the Absolute and is in no way different from God.
OM is the combination of the letters A, U and M.
The letter A refers to God, the Static Wave.
The letter U refers to the divine feminine nature of pleasure, the Resonance Wave.
The letter M refers to the living beings, the Oscillating Wave.
Om is the mahavakya, non-different from God, identical to what we sense is God.
OM has unseen potencies and manifests spontaneously within a pure heart.
OM is the representation of the Absolute Reality in all three phases:
the impersonal Light of God, the Supreme Soul of God in the heart of every living being, and the Sublime Personality of Godhead.

Music and production by Patrick Bernard
Recorded, mixed and remastered at AUM Studio, Sainte-Adele, Quebec Canada,
by Robert Lafond.
Vocal by Patrick Bernard and keyboards by Robert Lafond.
Cover Design by Anuradha.
Produced and published by Devi Communications Inc
Socan 2009. Approximately 63 minutes.

CD Review

Pure cleansing tranquil healing music

The deep sublime healing potential for ‘OM’ Cd is profound. Listening to each track allows the soul to drink from the vast well of the purest healing sounds. I felt like each cell of my body was rebalanced. Imagine standing under the most exquisite waterfall in a sublime tropical environment, as the water washes away all discordance, to be replaced by tranquility – this is what you may feel as you listen to ‘OM’. The music is also like what one may imagine the sound of the spheres to be like, perhaps the perfect musical representation of the deep and vast cosmos, sparking with pure potentiality, yet deep in the peace of the stillness of life. If I could choose what music I listen to whilst receiving treatments in the many spas I review, ‘OM’ would be my choice. Also, for those who like to listen to music as they take a warm relaxing bath, ‘OM’ would provide the perfect backdrop for letting go of all tensions at the end of the day. As the CD has an almost mesmerizing relaxing effect, this may be also great for insomniacs! For those creating a yoga playlist, select your favourite track for the final part of your yogic routine: - Savasana

--- Sarah Ince, Yoga Magazine (UK)