Peace Love & Light

Peace Love and Light

On Earth and in my Heart

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The magical invocation contained in this CD literally means Peace, Love & Light on Earth and in my Heart.

These special words take the listener to higher realms of pure consciousness. By integrating these powerfully orchestrated sound vibrations, you enter into the world of quantum sound medicine and explore the infinite expansions of love, gratitude and inner harmony.

Containing transformational French vocals (the medieval "language of the Birds") and alchemical soothing music, this unique recording is designed to transmute the old programs of our limiting subconscious patterns into new infinite golden vistas and horizons, in resonance with Higher Self.

This suite of ten touching pieces make this CD a healing sanctuary for your heart.

Music and production by Patrick Bernard
Recorded, mixed and co-created by Robert Lafond at AUM Studio, Sainte-Adele, Quebec Canada.
Pre-production created at Angel Studio, Point-Au-Ch�ne, PQ, Canada
Patrick Bernard: vocals and music, voices, guitars, keyboards, harps harmonics, percussions.
Special participations with vocals:
Suzy Tremblay
Carroll Caza
Anuradha Dauphinais
Marie Josée Mercier
Cover Design by Anuradha.
Produced and published by Devi Communications Inc
Socan 2010