Solaris Universalis
Solaris Universalis

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ANKH the symbol of life, everlasting life, rebirth, protection, power, wisdom and strength. A symbol of sexuality and fertility it is the union of man and woman, heaven and earth, Isis and Osiris. The life giving Ankh has the power to unlock mysteries. It is the Tree of Life.

Solar Revelation / Lunar Revelation

Universal Light

It dances to the rhythms of the galaxy
It channels the forces of the inner sun
It unites with the powerful energies of peace
It opens our consciousness to infinite space
It soars freely on the wings of the wind
It quenches our thirst for absolute love
Solaris Universalis…
The Universal Light belongs to the whole World.

The Sands of Pleasure

EARTH ELEMENT: awakening of the Muladhara Chakra
FIRST MOVEMENT: Harmony of Mother Earth

Govinda Jaya Jaya, Gopala Jaya Jaya,
Radha-Ramana Hari Govinda Jaya Jaya

Listening closely to the mantra unites one with the Earth’s source of pleasure and with the senses of all beings. This Source of youth constitutes the happiness of the immortal Radha, the Beauty that permeates all things. In the para-physical sense, the sonorous vibrations Govinda and Gopala have the power to dissolve the psychic knots caused by emotional stress. As Tetragrammaton (Sacred Names), they cast a radiance, which erases all bad karma and in so doing, permit Bhakti (devotion).

Jaya Jaya Ram, Sita Rama, Jaya Jaya Rama,
Raja-Rama Raja Rama

The sonorous vibration Rama eases all tensions. It means limitless Source of pleasures. A number of imbalances are readjusted by the power of Rama. This frequency cleans the Mirror of the mind, purifies the heart and provides the right illumination.

SECOND MOVEMENT: The Enchanted Garden

This verb burns all tensions at their sources and provides total peace. It fills the cells with a luminous energy and carries the mind to the Sands of Pleasures (Rama-Reti), where the infinitesimal soul vibrates in harmony with the Supreme Soul in the eternal clarity of purified love.

The Song of the Child-King

WATER ELEMENT: the awakening of the Svadhisthana Chakra
FIRST MOVEMENT: The Ocean of Peace

Namaste Narasimhaya, Prahladahlada-dayine
Hiranyakasi-por vaksay, sila-tanka-nakhalaye

A solar mantra of supreme protection, this song is a tribute to the Great Pacifier, whose omnipresence is the greatest mystery of all creation. The Ocean of Peace invokes the grace of internal harmony and systematically eliminates all negative energies. It protects the Child-King, who sings it wholehearted from all types of danger and illusion. It is a song of holistic Healing and provides consummate joy.

SECOND MOVEMENT: The Dance of the Sun

Tava Kara-Kamala-Vare Nakham Adbhuta-Srngam
Jaya Jagadisa hare

This song addresses the Liberating Forces of the Universe. The Cosmic Being takes on the imposing appearance of a Lion-man to efficiently destroy, with his transcendental power, the obscure vibrations which eat away at the hearts and the bodies of beings conditioned by transitory shapes and forms. A song of healing and victory over earthly limitations, this mantra eradicates all fears; it makes invincible the Dancers of the Sun.

The Return of the Archangels

FIRE AND AIR: Awakening of the Manipura and Anahata Chakra (PB revise)
FIRST MOVEMENT: The Murmur of the Stars

Eco, Zodocare, lad goho, Torzodu odo kikale Qaa, Zodacare od Zodameranu
Zodorje Lape Zodiredu, ol Noco Mada Das ladapie Ilas Hoatahe Laida

These mantric invocations are magic conjurations, which with repetitive listening lead to the exaltation of the consciousness. In meditative listening, this Enochian language (language of the angels), has the mystical power of synchronizing the human spirit with the compassion of the Tribes of Light found on the higher levels. In addition, it provides access to the vibrant glory of the Higher Self.

SECOND MOVEMENT: The Purifying Ritual of the Fire


The Bija –Mantras, seed-vocation that re-harmonize the subtle, emotional and ethereal bodies.

Requiem for the Future Times

ETHER ELEMENT: awakening of Visudha, Ajna and Brahmarandra Chakras
FIRST MOVEMENT: The Orison of the Third Miliennium

Authos, A Nostro, Nixio, Bay, Gloy, Apen, Agia, Agios, Ischiros

The human beings are the guardians of Mother-Earth and our only goal is to protect Her and love Her creation.

SECOND MOVEMENT: The Appeal of Cosmic Cathedrals

Honannah, Hallelyàuyah, Gloria, Benedictus, Hosannah,
Gloria, In Excelsis De Om

The 72 Spirits of the Cabala are invoked by the supernatural space of the Inner Cathedrals so that they may assist the carriers of light in their work. In this wave of harmonic vibrations, sacred formulas such as Kyrie Eleison, Halleluya or Om Jesum Christum come together.

THIRD MOVEMENT: The Advent of the New Light

Ave Maria, Virgo Gloriaosa, He Benedicta, Ora Pronobis, Gloria

This Latin prayer is an invocation to the Divine Feminine Mother, it give a sense of comfort and opens the heart to a graceful state of compassion.

Production : Robert Lafond & Patrick Bernard
Guitar and Vocals : Patrick Bernard
Compositions : Patrick Bernard
Piano and Synthesizers : Robert Lafond
Digitally Remastered for Optimal Performances at : Aum Studio (Robert Lafond)
Original Cover Design : Yves Ducharme, Patrick Bernard
Graphic Designer : Annick Dauphinais (
Special Thanks : Yves Ducharme of Aura Musick Distribution for investing in the initial 1988 release and for the production support and graphics of the original version.

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