Atlantis Angelis

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Atlantis Angelis

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The Song of the Universal Light

Jaya Radha Madhava

Jaya Radha Madhava kunja bihari
Gopi jana vallabha giri vara dhani
Jasoda nandana vraja jana ranjana
Jamuna tira vana cari

The waters of the cosmic river (Jamuna) flow like a million magic Springs purer than Crystal. On it’s banks (tira) the garden of tranquility (Vraja), wherein dwells Peace and Light, stretches out to infinity. The celestial Love (Madhava), hero of the goddess of completeness, lifts the great protective hill (giri vara) and gazes upon the divine beauty of the Queen of pure love (Radha). With the young maidens of the transcendental village (gopi), the son of the divine Mother (Jasoda) enters deeply into the enchanted forest and brings infinite joy to all the Children of the Sacred Land.

Atlantis Angelis

Healing Sounds


* The Healing sounds listed above comes from the « Crystal Source book » canalized by professor Frank Alper.


This ancient Tibetan mantra is the sound manifestation of pure compassion. This sound brings you peaceful vibrations. It gives you joy and serenity. May the Lotus of our heart open and may the jewel of our soul shine for eternity.


Narayana is a name of the Preserver of the World, God. After the creation, it is the energy of the Preserver that puts order to the universe. This particular aspect of the supreme energies regularly incarnates on the Earth to benefit mankind. People who are closely involved with the running of the world and maintaining the harmony of life are drawn to this aspect of the universal power.


The Omkara has unseen potencies and manifest automatically within a pure heart. It is the representation of the Absolute in all three of It’s manifestations; the Impersonal truth, the Supreme localized Soul and The Supreme Personality of Godhead.


I meditate upon the all-pervading, Vasudeva, He who abides in all things and in who all things abide. I meditate upon the primeval cause of all cause of the creation, sustenance and destruction of the manifested universes.
Because of Him, who abides in all tings, do the material universes, temporarily manifested by the reactions of nature, appear factual, although they are unreal.

A song is a ship; music is a road, an open road that leads to centers of light of the new universal consciousness. Deep hearing is an act of love, a journey to reality. Sounds can be seen, touched, they release and heal. Images can be heard they soothe and relieve. From the blending of perceptions springs inner vision. Profound hearing is self-sacrifice. It helps us cross invisible distances that separate us from the living light. Sound vibrations, white mystic powers enter and overwhelm the soul of beings and things. Hearts open up, intuitions awaken, the whole world conspires, “radiates this new revolution” where each face is an intimate accomplice of the high frequencies and infinite joys. Music is a living entity.

- Patrick Bernard

After being sold and listen for over a quarter of a century, this album is still a best seller.
Sanskrit Mantras & Atlantean healing sounds to sooth and balance your inner sanctuary.
Rediscover the music that changed millions of people lives, a quantum awakening of the soul.
After being the "Number One" album in Canada, Atlantis Angelis quickly became a phenomenon in the World and exposed Patrick Bernard's music to literally millions of people. The depth of spirituality and healing appeal of this music supports everyone to increase the quality of their lives. On Atlantis Angelis, Patrick Bernard sings Sanskrit Mantras of devotional ecstasy and expresses the timeless wisdom of Vedic tradition. The mantras are soulful, universal, meditative and very relaxing, in the spiritual experience of using music as a way to reunify with the divine soul and healing the heart.

Production, Arrangements : Robert Lafond
Compositions : Patrick Bernard
Vocals : Patrick Bernard, Robert Lafond, Brigitte Pellerin
Guitars : Patrick Bernard
Piano and Synthesizers : Robert Lafond
Recorded at : Studio 1913 Montréal
Digitally Remastered for Optimal Performances at : Aum Studio (Robert Lafond)
Original Cover Design : Yves Ducharme, Patrick Bernard
Graphic Designer : Annick Dauphinais (
Special Thanks : Yves Ducharme of Aura Musick Distribution for investing in the initial 1988 release and for the production support and graphics of the original version.

Patrick Bernard music collection
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“This album is part of my soul survival kit , essential for all the vagaries of life on planet earth.”
- Dr. Ada Nelson

“This cd brings tears to my eyes. I love this cd and recommend it highly!”
- Erin Grupp