Angel Reiki
Angel Reiki

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Angel Reiki benefits

  • improves stress reduction and deep relaxation
  • aids better sleep
  • reduces blood pressure
  • helps relieve pain
  • removes energy blockages
  • supports the immune system
  • raises the vibrational frequency of body & mind
  • helps spiritual growth
  • improves and maintains health

Sonic environment for Reiki and all types of healing activities.

Reiki Masters cannot come up with clear explanations on how functions the life energy that is in abundance in the universe. However, they can describe the whole process as one that links them with a Cosmic Radiant Energy.

Angel Reiki represents a treatment through healing music and *Sound Reiki*. It involves the transfer of a Harmonic Radiant Energy from Reiki music to the listener or patient. All the listener has to do is to allow the energy to be taken into her or his body.

Because real Reiki Masters are never supreme regulators of the Divine Life Force in the universe, they are actually *Reiki Servants*. As Reiki practitioners, we are not rulers of the Infinite Divine Radiance; we are only instrumentals in the healing process. We are *Reiki Servants* of the channel of God.

The concept of Angel Reiki is that the practitioner is never in the position to dominate or dictate the channel of God. She or he remains always at the service of the Divine Healing Radiance.

Total Time: 60 minutes, 27 seconds.

Produced by Patrick Bernard.

All music composed by Patrick Bernard.

All tracks recorded at Studio des Anges, Pointe-au-Chêne, Québec, Canada.

Additional recordings by Robert Lafond Mahavirya at AUM Studio, Sainte-Adèle, QC.

Keyboards, guitars, harmonic harp, vocal effects, atmospheric percussions, gongs, crystal and Tibetan Singing bowls, by Patrick Bernard.

Additional keyboards and sound engineering by Robert Lafond Mahavirya.

Mixed and mastered at AUM Studio by Robert Lafond Mahavirya.

All music published by Devi Communications Inc, Socan 2011.

Graphic design and image research by Anuradha Dauphinais.

Released by DeviCD Music,

Devi Communication Inc, 1 877 707 2905

180 Chemin Danis Grenville sur la Rouge, QC J0V 1B0, Canada