Supreme Moment
Supreme Moment

The very best of Patrick Bernard

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A spiritual experience through contemporary mantra music.

"Supreme Moment is exactly that. It is extraordinary: certainly a most beautiful expression of such pure devotion."
- New Leaf

"Like falling in love all over again, hearing the new collection from Patrick Bernard is a divine listening experience. Patrick personally selected the songs and the sequence for this appropriately titled CD, 'Supreme Moment' and it runs its course over his entire career, from 1987 to 2012."

The theme is celebrating 25 years of devotional ecstasy!

Patrick Bernard is a pioneer in the field of Mantra Music. The music instantly and successfully takes you back to those moments of discovery, opening and illumination when his divine sound was first experienced. The choral effects and lush music balance between quiet simplicity and grand exaltation, with the peaks and valleys akin to one's own breathing patterns when deeply in touch with nature, birth, ecstatic moments or the tenderest of times. We used to refer to Patrick as the "male Enya," but at this point in his career, that seems understated.

The combination of music, voice, lyrics, emotions and artistry are rarely equaled in this market, past or present. This celebration will assist in creating a better future, and enhancing your life in the meantime."

- Lloyd Barde.

Total Time: 60 minutes, 30 seconds.
Music composed and produced by Patrick Bernard.
Engineered and arranged by Mahavirya Robert Lafond at AUM Studio, St Adele, QC Canada.
All Music by Patrick Bernard
Cover design by Anuradha
Remastering by Mahavirya Robert Lafond/ AUM Studio
Produced & Published By Devi Communication Music & Publishing Inc* Socan 2012