Yogini - Divine Feminine Nature

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Review from Lloyd Barde, Founder of Backroads Music Heartbeats Catalog:

"The music of Patrick Bernard is timeless and his compositions on the Yogini album open vistas of the heart as if they were kaleidoscopic mandalas. In an expansive dissolving of time and space, what seems like slow motion actually steps through time into a Divine stillness. Majestic yet subtle washes of gentle tints arise from his palette of gracious musical generosity. Like the very breath of life, the music subsides and returns again, enhancing a state of peace and relaxation where we allow ourselves to simply be breathed. On Yogini, Patrick's incredible 24th recording since 1987, the voice of the Mother calls you Home."

The music on this recording represents the creative force of the divine feminine nature within each of us. The work is rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Buddhist, Christian and Hindu sacred chants traditions.

The Goddess Mantra-Yoga

The chants are intended as a portal to the sacred feminine in each of us, the world over, with no religious distinctions of faith or creed. The Mantras allow us to meet the divine feminine in the Yoga of sound. We are not without help in this quantum so-called material world because the mantra is actually not different from the Goddess. One of the most positive means of interacting with this sacred personal energy, (the inner Goddess), is through the deep meditative listen (sravanam in Sanskrit) of her particular mantra. Yet, according to the ancient Vedic sears, a Goddess mantra is much more than a simple code word, much more than a prayer. It is the embodiment in spiritual sound vibrations of the specific reality manifested in that divine feminine being.

The Healing

Let the divine feminine Goddesses flood our worried mind whenever we want to take a break from the material atmosphere, when we are in need of a massage, a yogic stretch, a series of blissful asanas, when we need to meet the real Giver of True Prosperity, or whenever our inner life is combating with doubt and when a deadly feeling of insecurity plagues our heart. A wonderful healing will take place and everything will shift in a way that is actually miraculous.

  • 1) OM Tara
  • 2) Vibrational Healing
  • 3) Love Awakening


Inspiration: Om opens up our receptiveness to the reality of sweet Tara, the Goddess of the compassionate light. Om is the Anahata sound. It is a spontaneous sound constantly going on by itself. Om originates in the Supreme Quantum Consciousness of God and is heard by mystics and surrendered yogis. The limited material consciousness does not hear it. Tare liberates us from any king of suffering. Tuttare is the holy name of She who protects us from spiritual conceit, envy, collective religious superiority and yogic arrogance. Soha means that this cannot be but be. By this mantra, mother Tara makes her presence felt. Radiant Tara is a spiritual being made of eternally blissful conscious energy, pure healing light.

  • 4) Mary Magdalena
  • 5) Miracle Harmonics


Inspiration: dedicated to the sacred spirit of the Blessed Mother Mary Magdalene, this composition is enthused by Glastonbury, or the ‘Isle of Glass’, the holiest soil in Great Britain, in that Joseph of Arimathaea is believed to have sung ‘The Sacred Song of the Well’, the first hymn in Christendom, in Glastonbury when he brought Mary Magdalene there next to Jesus’ disappearance from this world. The Holy Grail has long been believed to dwell underneath of Chalice Well, situated in this region of Somerset in southern England. The implication of this Song of the Well is to feel the Blessed Mother’s pure grace. She will reveal to us that the Holy Grail reside eternally in on own hearts and minds. This chant is a Christian chant inspired originally from Mediaeval and early renaissance music. Although Greek was the accepted language in most of the English church during the early years, (actually the word “Eucharist” is a Greek word for “thanksgiving” and “kirie eleison” which literally mean “Supreme Lord have mercy” and which is in fact originally a hymn to the Greek sun-god), it seems certain that this kind of Christian chants owes more to the Jewish synagogue than to the Greek temples. The chant melodies as they have come down to us are  much more closely allied to Jewish than to Greek music, and as the texts are nearly all taken from the psalms (which are of course Jewish, not Christian) it seems quite clear that this sort of mystic chants were adapted from those used in the synagogue. Furthermore, the different ways of singing the psalms were the same in both church and synagogue. (They are called today antiphonal psalmody). The spirit of this second meditation on Mary Magdalene is that we are essentially all coming from the same Source although superficially the spiritual traditions look different. The universality of the human soul is a starting place for peace in the world and in the heart of mankind.

  • 6) Lalitha Devi
  • 7) Intuitive Frequency


Inspiration: the mantra presented here is a symbol along each individual path. The sound vibrations are designed to help us go beyond hurts, old fears and psychological blockages. The mantra Para Shakti Sundari, Maha Laksmi Vaïsnavi, Durga Devi Shankari, Maya Visva Mohini, Nitya Parameswari, Iswari Narayani, Kamala Katyayani and Twam vraja Brajeswari, are celebrated transcendent personalities in sound form reflected in our finest selves. These delighted feminine deities activate the transmutation of our mundane personality into energy for sacred development and reintegration of our divine nature. The sound of the mantra allows the feminine in us to express ultimate compassion and pure love for all living beings and for ourselves.

  • 8) Saraswati Mantra
  • 9) Logos Liberation
  • 10) Music of the Heart Chakra


Inspiration: kindly, loving and beautiful, Mother Saraswati is traditionally associated with the great river of grace flowing from heaven, purifying and inspiring all living beings on Earth. Not only metaphorically but literally, the Saraswati mantra gives the listeners the power to cross from the limitations of material consciousness to the infinite kingdoms of enlightenment. MahaDevi Saraswati is the bringer of music-dharma and knowledge; she is the wisdom, the truth, the beauty representing the highest levels of charm and fine-tuning. She is also a powerful source of physical healing and she intervenes as a divine physician. Riding the white swan of complete freedom, she floats above the mundane realm. Saraswati Devi and all the divine feminine demigods will help us when we do our work with the motivation of helping all beings.

  • 11) Srimati Radharani
  • 12) Sound of the Woman God


Inspiration: by this mantra, I offer my humble respects to the feminine counterpart of Supreme Lord of the universe, Srimati Radharani, whose bodily complexion is like molten gold and who is the Queen of Vrindavan, the ultimate sacred place. Oh Maharani, You are the daughter of King Vrishabanu, and You are very dear to Lord Krishna. The confidential resonance of these spiritual sound vibrations brings suddha-bhakti, unmotivated love of God, the end of illusory dreams, the goal of successful life.