Eternal Love
Eternal Love

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Sri Brahma Samhita
The Song of Eternal Love

""Connect directly to your eternal soul (the living force surviving the dissolution of matter) and let go the underlying energetic cause of your lack of inner wellbeing. The chants and music of Eternal Love are specifically designed to assist in returning your spirit soul to her natural state of divine health. One listen is all it takes!"

"Your Eternal Love continues to accompany me through seeing clients, going to sleep at night, having a quiet moment in the divine! I particularly love the loka part....somehow always brings me tears...".
- Deborah

Total time: 61:30 (61 minutes, 30 seconds)

As a scripture embodying Infinite Truths, these Sanskrit verses of Sri Brahma Samhita has no equal. Of all Holy Books describing the beauty of the Organic Whole, the Infinite Living Being Govinda (" Friend of all entities"), Sri Brahma Samhita is perfect.
Endless Divine Visions are expressed in few words. It is the essence of all devotional Scriptures.

If this Scripture is reckoned as one of the most ancient Scriptures, then it is an unprecedented and truly authoritative source of the teachings of Eternal Divine Love.

Real Eternal Love is Krishna-Bhakti, or devotion for the Supreme Personality of Godhead, the Source of all energies.

Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu (1486-1534 AD) discovered these Sanskrit verses in South India five hundred years ago. While visiting the Adi-Kesava Temple, He obtained the most ancient manuscript of the fifth chapter of Sri Brahma Samhita. Sri Caitanya had that manuscript copied very carefully. It is said that listening to the Divine Visions of this Holy Book gave to Lord Caitanya unlimited joy, and divine ecstatic symptoms appeared in His transcendental Body (trembling, weeping, perspiring); He was stunned, thrilled with sublime ecstasy.

Our only hope is that the listeners of this recording will feel in their heart a glimpse of the transformational waves emanating from this description of the Supreme Spiritual Domain where Eternal Love is Reality The Beautiful.



Govindam adi purusam tam aham bhajami adi purusam venum kvanantam aravinda dalayataksam...

The Almighty Consciousness, Govinda, has a Spiritual Form by Nature. He is always playing His flute. His eyes like blooming lotus-petals, His head adorned with a peacock feather, His beautiful Form the hue of a blue cloud. This Form cannot be imagined in comparison to anything beautiful in the material world. What is being described here is what the most ancient demigod Brahma is seeing in his divine trance of Devotion.

Cintamani prakarasadmasu kalpavrksa laksavrtesu surabhir abhipalayantam laksmi sahasra sata sambhrama savyamanam...

The Divine Potency has fashioned the Transcendantal World from Transcendental Gem or Element (cintamani) that serves as the structural material of the Residence of the Supreme Lord. The cintamani Element is infinitely more rare and charming than the philosopher's stone. Infinite multitudes of goddesses of fortune enjoy the company of the Superconsciousness with hearts saturated with Eternal Love. Millions of Sacred Cows (surabhi) create a fountain of Love Divine.

Advaitam acyatam anadim anantarupam adyam purana purusam navayauvanam ca vedesu durllabham adurllabham atmabhaktau...

Advaita means the One without a second Indivisible Truth. Acyuta means that although the One expands Himself as myriad of Avataras and although infinite beings emanates from Him as separated particles, He nonetheless remains as the Supreme Whole. He is "anadi", beginning-less. He is "ananta", endless. Despite being beginning-less, the Infinite is filled with Eternally Fresh Youthfulness and takes "birth" (adya) in His Advent Pastimes.

Premanjana cchurita bhakti vilocanena santah sadaiva hrdayesu vilokayanti yam syamasundaram acintya guna svarupam...

The Form of Krishna-Govinda is "Syamasundar's", inconceivable simultaneously personal AND impersonal paradoxical Form. The sadhus or pure bhakti-yogis see Him within their own hearts, in their trance of Devotion (samadhi). The phrase "within their hearts" means that Govinda is seen in proportion to the degree that His devotee's heart is purified by Devotional qualification. The essential point is that the Syamasundar Mystic Form is not imaginary: only the eye of unalloyed consciousness sees this Priceless Absolute Jewel.

Isvarah paramah krsna saccidananda vigrahah anadir adir givindah sarva karana karanam

The Absolute Existence of Govinda is materially formless; however, with His Eternal Form, Eternal Name, Eternal Charm, Eternal Pastimes, He shines resplendent. By the law of His Supreme Attraction, the Beauty of this Ultimate Lover attracts the eternal love of all beings whom are all one and simultaneously different with Him.
Immortal Consciousness and Divine Ecstasy have their full glory in Him. The Almighty Concept of God is but the portion of this Supreme Lover's Intrinsic Self.
Formless Spirit of Brahman, the unconcentrated principle of the undifferentiated, is merely the Bodily White Light of that Entity of Absolute Concentrated Intensity.
The Concept of Krishna-Govinda represents the original cause of mundane infinity as well as of Transcendent Infinity.
On the far shore of the River of Passivity, beyond the purview of material energy, the Supreme Existence offers the Great Hexagonal Mystic Symbol, Central Pivot and Fountainhead of Eternal Love, a place of no lamentation, no death and no apprehension; a place of Eternal Happiness in the Eternal Now.

Benediction Mantram
Loka samasta Sukino Bhavantu

May all planets in all universes (loka samasta), connect with the happiness (sukino) of Eternal Divine Love (bhavantu).