Shamanic Medicine
Shamanic Medicine

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«Une nouvelle compilation de l'album Shamanyka, dédié à l'éveil des pouvoirs shamaniques. Ces albums ont tous été remasteurisés pour une meilleure qualité d'écoute et certains comprennent des pièces inédites.»

The magico-medical powers enjoyed by the North American shamans and those who practice in different regions of the globe inhibit neither their blissful nor their magical capacities.

The present album covers the entire phenomenon of shamanism around the world. The sacred chants of this recording are dedicated to all shamans who know the archaic techniques of ecstasy and how to obtain shamanic powers. Playing the magical drum, he or she speaks secret languages, animal languages, and performs various healing rituals. The shaman is at once magician and medicine man, medicine woman, miracle-worker, healer, priest, mystic and master of spiritual energies.


Hopi Eagle Dance

Wichi tahe tume rai
Oh ho yahu wey hu ya
Wichi tahe tume rai
Oh ha nyka

Helping spirits have animal forms. They can especially appear in the form of eagle and bring the god's answer. They are the messengers of the celestial spirits and speak through the shaman's voices. Eagle feathers are honored among all tribes. They are used, fastened to sticks, in initiation ceremonies. The eagle from which the feathers are taken is regarded as sacred and is left free. The relation between the shaman and the eagle is spiritual in nature and of a mystical greatness that the desacralized modern religious mentality finds it difficult to envisage. Experiencing a magical-transcendental transformation, the shaman goes out of the self and acquires a superhuman mode of being.

Rolling Thunder Medicine Song

Heleyo cheeweyo ate oye ya
Hey yunga oh yunga hey yunga oh yunga hey
Hungawa yana wana yana wana oh way ho
Manitou hey wakan oh tanka hey wakan oh tanka hey
(Modoc chant)

The thunder or the thunderbird is the guardian spirit of shamans and warriors. Thunder is also a great source of power. This healing and helping spirit is collected almost anywhere in the entire universe, and he is accessible to any individual who is willing to undergo certain ordeals to obtain him. This healing power is often revealed by the souls of ancestral shamans, by divine angelic presence or by Manitou, the Supreme Living Being.

Shaman Woman Dance

Wakan yen make lo
Mato tipt ca waken yan make lo
In yin ho wee a hey ya hey waki ye yo

The shaman woman is the true magician; she operates directly through her soul, while her body is sunk in sleep. The medicine woman is summoned to discover the cause of the illness by gazing into crystal or water. She can fly through the air and at night the fiery trails she leaves behind her can be seen. The source of magical healing powers lay in women. The ecstatic dance forms part of the procedures for acquiring a power of command over evil spirits and all natural or supernatural causes of diseases.

Oye kunde Dream

Kunde o ye kunde ma ye kunde
Oye kunde o ma kunde kunde kunde
Kunde o ye kunde kunde o ma kunde
Ye o ma kunde o

Before birth, the souls of children perch like little birds on the branches of the Cosmic Tree of Life and the shaman go there to find them. This mythical motif is encountered in the initiatory dreams of future shamans. The Tree of Life has an infinite number of leaves, on each of which a human fate is written. Each time a man dies, a leaf fall, and the soul of that man incarnates in a new body according to the quality of his previous actions. The only goal of one's life is to find a way to stop this circle of birth and death.

Enochian Major Arcana

Elee el ahren zohem pahzeh eleeteh
Mazeh dehoh zeedeh zeepeh zahtz eekeh loheh zodeemeh vehtah ohtzoh elehah
Tahen zen pohpeh kehhar ahsehpeh leeneh Thora neeah veetee dess
Zodadih baggeh reetehetz
(Enochian Magick)

Enochian language or language of the angels, appearing upon the Tarot symbols has definite shamanic interest. The shamanic healers will also find an important relationship to exist between the words of the language and the manifestation of spirits through the mystical sound vibrations of Enochian sacred incantations.

Il laha ill aha al lah hu ill aha illai
(Sufi incantation)

Shamanic elements are assimilated by Sufi mystics. In the ritual of dervishes, the Sufi mystic dancers, we find miracles in the purest shamanic tradition: ascensions, magical flight, disappearance, cures, ubiquity, invisibility etc. The shaman sings and dances. The basic experience is ecstatic, and the principal means of obtaining it is magico-spiritual music and dance.

Vedic Divinity Invocation

Om namo narayanaya
(Vedic mantra)

The names of the Supreme Being are often invoked. This is the case in India, among the priests. Before setting out on his ecstatic ceremony, the shaman-priest invites the attendance of Narayana, the Supreme Universal Spirit. Accompanied by the gods, demigods, and spirits, the Vedic Divinity descends and attends the priest when he invokes the Divinity during the ceremony.

Vision of Ezekiel

Shadaï eaiieh messiah adonaï yahoa eloha elohinu elohim yahoa eloha
Inon aven eaiieh messiah el shaddaï
Albamachi ortagu nale abeleh yeze eloy archima rabur octinomos homorion
Bacurabon elohinu tsabaoth qadosch hazor araritha hakabir
Ionah malka erel kusu zabaoth amioram athanatos anaphaxeton
Abraoth athorebalo sabaoth sothou phalarthao roubriao bald nabaoth
Assalonaï aphnaio thoteth diarthanna thorum azarakaza laïzaï amen shartha thakatha
(Ancient kabbalistic exorcisms)

Exploring the powers of ancient shamanic practices and archaic techniques of healing, the famous vision of Ezekiel is invoked although it belongs to an entirely different shamanistic spirituality. "The hand of the Lord was upon me, and carried me out in the spirit of the Lord, and set me down in the midst of the valley of death. And He said unto me, Son of Man, prophesy upon these bones and say unto them, O ye dry bones, hear the word of the Lord. Behold, I will cause breath to enter into you, and ye shall live. And there was a light, and the new flesh came up upon the bones."

Unity of all Tribes

Kiai na kina we kina wen chili licha chili licha
Donkavakis masikivaki kive kive nameh hope
(Song of the Grey Flute Clan Native Nations)

This chant forms part of a long forgotten harvest ritual. The singers sometimes could not stop chanting for days at a time. The shaman leader would fall into trance if anything went wrong with the proceedings of the harvest and would be able to diagnose the supernatural cause of the trouble.

Media vita in morte sumus quem querimus adju torem ni
Site domine qui propecca tis nostris juste ira sceris
(Gregorian chant 14th century Saint Gall Abbey)

The vitality of shamanism is revealed by the part that it plays in Christian and Islamic apocalypses as well as in the initiatory traditions of the western Middle Ages. Several Gregorian chants describe a bridge "narrow as a hair" connecting our world with the world of pure spirits. The same image is found in the Arabic mystics. Individuals of impure disposition cannot cross the bridge and must purify their negative emotions before being able to do so.

Lam ya lid walam ya kun la hu ku fu wah
(Sufi chant)

Shamanic mystical words may be used in different language, but they do not exclusively belong to any language. This phrase is used in the practice of dhikr during the Sufi trance. "My body is healed, my mind is fortified, and my soul is illuminated by the grace of God."

Arjuna's Ecstatic Ascent

Sarva dharman parityajya mam ekam saranam vraja
Aham tvam sarva papebhyo moksayisyami ma sucan
Tesam satata yuktanam bhajatam priti purvakam
Dadami buddhi yogam tam yena mam upayanti te
Jay nimai jay nitai jay nimai jay nitai nimai
Om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
(Bhagavad Gita/Vaisnava mantra)

Symbolically, this chant tells of Arjuna's ecstatic ascent of the Mountain of Divine Consciousness, with all the luminous epiphanies that it involves. Though not "shamanic", it falls in the category of mystical ascensions, to which shamanic ascent also belongs. The origin of the verses is the spiritual sentiment of both Krishna and Arjuna, whose sacred conversation is the essence of the great Vedic poem Bhagavad Gita. The chant imparts a secret message about unconditional love, the sublime medicine of the spirit soul. Spontaneous surrender to the Infinite Spirit is the eternal technique by which all obstacles on the path to spiritual perfection are removed. To those who are constantly devoted, the Supreme Spirit gives the power of discrimination. This awakening of divine consciousness enthralls a devotee, who thus relishes his eternal transcendental mellow.